Podcast: Gig economy reforms, Qantas, the polls and should we legalise cannabis?

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In this episode, we delve into the latest happenings in Australian politics and society. Parliament has returned to Canberra, with industrial relations taking the spotlight. Changes for gig economy workers are on the horizon, promising better job security, fair pay, and safer workplaces. We explore the provisions for equal pay, criminalising wage theft, and setting minimum standards for penalty rates, superannuation, and insurance. But as with any political discussion, there are opposing voices, with employer groups and critics voicing concerns.

We also examine the curious case of Warren Mundine, the leader of the No campaign in the Voice To Parliament, potentially being installed as a Senator in NSW with the imminent departure of Senator Marise Payne. The dynamics of this situation, involving a moderate retiring senator and a conservative-leaning politician, are intriguing.

The departure of Alan Joyce as the CEO of Qantas is another topic of interest. We discuss the challenges facing the airline and its CEO’s legacy, which includes a substantial payout and leaving behind a successful airline corporation in ruins.

We address the broader question of why Australia appears hesitant to embrace change, particularly evident in discussions about the Voice to Parliament referendum and industrial relations reforms. Is it a fear rooted in history, conservatism, or something else entirely?

We also look at the Legalising Cannabis Bill, anti-poverty commission proposals, and challenges in Western Australia politics. Why do some positive social reforms struggle to gain traction, when they are so desperately needed?

Lastly, we analyse the latest opinion polls, highlighting shifts in public sentiment and the approval ratings of key political figures. Is it too early for the Labor government to be concerned about these numbers?

Join us as we dissect these pressing issues and strive to understand the currents shaping Australian politics and society.

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