Podcast: Housing boost, misinformation on the Voice, more sexual harassment from Liberal men, forgotten COVID and bad journalist habits continue

Join us for an eventful week in Australian politics as we unpack the latest developments from the heart of Parliament. The week kicked off when the Australian Greens threw their support behind the government’s Housing Australia Future Fund bill. While this move promises progress, we look into why it may have taken this long and discuss the need for further housing reforms.

And within this political manoeuvring, we examine how both the government and the Greens had to strategically position themselves. This led to a significant victory for both, with the Greens securing a $3 billion concession from the government for social housing through the HAFF, and the government getting one of key policies passed.

The Voice to Parliament referendum has been littered with a campaign of misinformation from the “No” side of the referendum. We uncover the outrageous claims being propagated, including the abolition of Australia Day and Anzac Day, compensation claims, reparations, and a push for Treaty, with many of these talking points have made their way into the discourse of Liberal Party politicians, such as Peter Dutton and Sussan Ley. We revisit our earlier prediction that fear-mongering would intensify as we approach October 14. The claims have become increasingly outlandish, leaving us pondering the eventual outcome of this misinformation campaign.

We also look at the revelations made by Liberal MP Karen Andrews about harassment within the party during Parliament question time. We contemplate the larger issue of gender dynamics in Australian politics and why speaking out about workplace harassment is more complicated than it may seem. There is a critical need for Parliament House to be a safe working environment for all, from staffers to parliamentarians, an issue highlighted by the independent member Kylea Tink, who highlights the urgency of systemic change.

COVID-19 seems like a hidden pandemic situation in Australia and we reflect on the stark contrast between the early days of the pandemic and the present, with daily case numbers averaging today just over 700, there are still many people dying from COVID-19 every week. Why have the effects of the pandemic being ignored? We explore the shift from community spread to hospital spread and the hidden risks associated with this development.

There’s also a current debate surrounding the role of journalists in the Australian media landscape. We question the trend of uncritically reporting opposition statements and the need for journalists to exercise judgment, discern newsworthiness, and hold those in power accountable.

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