Truth in politics, outdated Abbott, sexist attacks on women MPs, and who speaks for Palestinians?

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the latest developments in Australian politics and global affairs. The federal government’s decision to introduce truth in political advertising laws before the next federal election is a big topic, with nearly 90 per cent of the electorate supporting the move. We explore the implications of such laws and the resistance from the Liberal Party and conservative groups like Advance Australia.

We also look at Tony Abbott’s controversial stance on Indigenous flags and the Voice to Parliament referendum, raising questions about his divisive legacy. It really shows that the objections to the Voice were masking what these extremists were really thinking.

The attacks on Victoria’s new premier, Jacinta Allan, by media outlets, including a distasteful sexist cartoon from News Corporation, are discussed, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by women in politics.

We then take a closer look at the escalating conflict in Palestine, delving into the tragic consequences of the conflict and the global response, while questioning the idea of Israel’s self-defence: where are all the voices in support of the Palestinian people, who are bearing the brunt of all the suffering?

We also look at the recent opinion polls, where the Liberal–National Coalition has taken a lead in an opinion poll for the first time since January 2021, hinting at a potential shift in political dynamics, reflecting on the electability of figures like Peter Dutton and the challenges faced by first-term governments as the electoral cycle progresses.

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