The politics of the Gaza abstention, imbalance of media balance, and a minority government in 2025?

Join us in this thought-provoking episode as we explore critical issues that are shaping our world, media landscape, and political future.

We begin by discussing the recent United Nations vote for a ceasefire and humanitarian truce in Gaza. With 120 countries in favour, the United States’ expected “no” vote, and Australia’s abstention, we dissect the complex geopolitics and motivations behind these decisions and the implications of these diplomatic moves and the significance of international resolutions, even if they are non-binding.

Delving into the realm of media bias and balance, we scrutinise the state of mainstream media in Australia. Rather than addressing concerns about bias and striving for balanced reporting, we witness a continued drift towards conservative interests, potentially contributing to the decline of legacy media. We explore the media’s reluctance to adapt to the changing media landscape and the need for more diverse perspectives. In our critique of a recent lecture Andrew Ollie Media Lecture, we highlight the industry’s obsession with sensationalism over public interest stories, and advocate for a more inclusive and informative approach to journalism.

Lastly, we turn our attention to the federal political arena, where speculation abounds regarding the possibility of a minority government in the next Australian federal election. We assess the factors influencing this prospect, from the quality of independent candidates to the government’s performance. With the election 18 months away, we examine the historical context and potential scenarios for the upcoming election, shedding light on the prospects of a minority government.

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