The heat ramps up on Morrison

The pure art of political leadership seeks credit for all the positive news and makes sure someone else takes the blame for all the negatives. [>>>]

Maggie Thatcher Cradle Snatcher And More COVID-19 Corruption

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan instigated a brand of neoliberal economics and politics that affected the world for almost four decades. They left the political [>>>]

Eden-Monaro Wrap, Palace Letters And The New Republic, The Prime Minister For Football

It’s a by-election the Liberal Party should have won, but didn’t. Eden-Monaro. Despite all the resources put into the campaign, the Government nudged the margin [>>>]

The New McCarthyism, Arts Attack, The Politics Of COVID-19

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: McCarthyism was that awful US syndrome from the 1950s, where the mention of ‘communism’ was like a combination [>>>]

A Tale Of Two Protests, Branch Stacking, An Open Economy, Insiders, JobKeeper Rorts

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: The Prime Minister supported radical anti-vaxer/5G/anti-lockdown/Bill Gates protests, saying people have a right to express themselves, but wanted [>>>]

Black lives matter? Maybe not

The greatest stain on the Australian psyche is the unfinished business of Aboriginal reconciliation and the inherent discrimination many Indigenous people and communities still face. [>>>]

The New Accord Is A New WorkChoices; Recession, Robodebt, Newspapers Closing, Racism

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: There have been many comparisons made between Scott Morrison and Bob Hawke recently, but Morrison is no Bob [>>>]
Scott Morrison

Morrison’s accord is WorkChoices 2.0

Irrelevance is the enemy of political leaders, and to avoid sinking to the bottom of the field, they need to keep moving, adapt and make [>>>]

The War On China, Labor Needs Grunt, Schools Disaster

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: The Australian economy is falling into a heap, and what better way to provide a cushion to the [>>>]

A School Brawl, COVIDSafe Not So Safe, Election Time In Eden-Monaro

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: Schools have become the new battleground for the Morrison Government and they’ve started a huge brawl with the [>>>]

Reopening schools fraught with danger

Governments, especially those from the conservative side of politics, never waste an opportunity to exploit turmoil – except if it’s an issue that doesn’t suit [>>>]

Tricky Governments, New Economies And The Turnbull–Murdoch Battle Royale

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: Just because there’s a coronavirus crisis, we can’t assume a government will act in the best interests of [>>>]
The Ruby Princess

The Ruby Princess Scandal, Coronavirus Politics And Pell Mal

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: Forget The Dismissal, forget Fine Cotton, the Hilton Bombing and even the Offset Alpine fire. The Ruby Princess [>>>]
Ruby Princess Sydney

The mystery of the Ruby Princess

Is a time of crisis also a time to put aside political differences and work towards common solutions? Many sensible people would agree or, at [>>>]
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The Wrong Government For The Times And The End Of Neoliberalism

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: The coronavirus crisis is likely to be with us for some time to come and governments have been [>>>]

Coronavirus, Conventions Smashed, Turning Of The Tide Against Morrison

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: Everyone is talking about the coronavirus but, unlike most of the media and most of the government, we’ll [>>>]
Josh Frydenberg and Scott Morrison corruption

The new normal of scandal, viruses and racism

Another week, another scandal. This seems to be the ‘new normal’ for this term of Parliament, with the revelation of more government impropriety in the [>>>]
Anthony Albanese and Don Farrell

How the OTIS group did Albanese a favour

The OTIS group of disgruntled federal Labor politicians has helped Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese in a number of ways they probably didn’t intend. For starters, [>>>]
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A short history of LNP corruption: When too much just isn’t enough

It’s hard to keep a tab on the current deluge of corruption coming out of federal politics, and barely a day goes by where there [>>>]

NBN latest: Oh dear, what can the matter be?

You know the tune, so let’s all sing along: Oh dear, what can the matter be? Or, if you prefer AC/DC, “Dirty deeds, done dirt [>>>]

The New Year Of Political Corruption And Solutions For Parliamentary Reform

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: Another year, another round of political corruption to deal with. Scott Morrison claimed “a miracle” caused him to [>>>]