Divided Opinions

Divided Opinions: The New Politics analysis of the 2019 year in Australian politics Eddy Jokovich and David Lewis, 338 pages. Released 2020 Our recommended price [>>>]

Climate Change Again, The Angus Beauty Myth Turns Ugly, Goodbye 2019

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: The climate change debate is heating up to a temperature even hotter than the NSW bushfires. Just as [>>>]
Scott Morrison

The burning world of climate change denial

In 1969, a Union Oil drilling platform ten kilometres off the coast of Santa Barbara, a small tourist town in California, had a drilling hole [>>>]

Forged Democracy, Labor Reviews Itself, And Climate Change Politics Fired Up

Listen to our latest podcast! The contents: Democracy fell down a few rungs when Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, used forged documents to attack an opponent. [>>>]

Another nail in the coffin for democracy

In January this year, Scott Morrison announced environmental legislation to protect native species was one of his government’s top priorities, and said “we already introduced [>>>]

Mr Morrison Goes To Washington, QAnon And Celebrity Politics

Scott Morrison has been to Washington and back, and a State Dinner was held in his honour. While grandstanding and hurling insults at China might [>>>]

Impending Economic Disaster, A Compassionate Conservative And We Need To Talk About Albo

There’s a disaster facing the Australian economy and, unfortunately, the best the Liberal–National Government can do is blame the Labor Party – even though they [>>>]

Indue and the small matter of political corruption

Would it ever be acceptable to appoint James Packer or Gerry Harvey to review social programs on behalf of government? Or Meriton property tycoon Harry [>>>]

Cracks appearing in the Morrison government

The political landscape after the May 2019 federal election is becoming clearer, with all sides of politics starting to develop their strategies and navigate a [>>>]

Going the nuclear option

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know whether governments are genuinely interested in the agendas they push forward, or whether there are issues played out in the [>>>]

Unfunded Empathy, Taking Sides, Diversionary Nuclear And S44 Solutions

We are very impressed to hear there is a new part of the political lexicon: unfunded empathy. It’s the bureaucratic way of saying: “get %$knF!!” [>>>]

The divisive Scott Morrison

Whose side are you on? In an instant, it’s both an aggressive and divisive question, demanding a choice between the favourable and the unfavourable, the [>>>]

Why Democracy Is Broken: David Lewis interviews Kim Wingerei

Democracy is being held hostage by the adversarial nature of party politics. The people deserve better and a democracy upgrade is long overdue. Is democracy [>>>]

Surprise Agendas, Mandates And Codes Of Conduct

Surprised by their surprise 2019 election victory, the Liberal-National Party is searching for an agenda to implement over the next term of Parliament, and trying [>>>]

The 2019 Federal Election Wrap-Up, Politics For Sale, And Parliament 46

Apologies if our 2019 Election Wrap-Up special episode is late but we had to wait until every postal vote had been received and counted, and [>>>]
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The 2019 election verdict: It’s Labor

It’s Election Day 2019 and our final prediction is the same as it has been since August 2016: Labor will win this election, and it [>>>]
Bill Shorten, Chloe Shorten, Tony Burke, Scott Morrison

Who Wins The 2019 Election Final Countdown?

It’s the final week of Election 2019 and Labor is still in the best position to win the election. We’re not saying anything controversial here: [>>>]

The final week of Campaign 2019

We’re into the final week of the 2019 election campaign and, if it was a simple contest of ideas, the Labor Party would be confident [>>>]
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A tale of two eggs: Gillard and Morrison

Five-letter word; to egg on. That was my first cryptic crossword clue many years ago and after staring and thinking about what the answer could [>>>]
Bill Shorten

A Labor victory is in sight

We’re into the final two weeks of the 2019 federal election campaign, and two opinion polls released today still point towards a Labor victory. The [>>>]

A Most Exciting 2019 Election Campaign Continues

Contrary to most perceptions from the media about a ‘boring’ campaign, we think the 2019 election is one of the most exciting ever. Why? Because [>>>]